MANFIT sessions are held at The Openshaw campus of The Manchester College (formally MANCAT) in their new, high-tech fitness suite with two dedicated trainers.


The Manchester College - Openshaw Campus - Ashton Old Road - Openshaw - Manchester M11 2WH

Good News! Manfit gym sessions are resuming on Friday 7th October 2016! Thanks to The Douglas Bader Foundation and oher fund raising efforts by people including Tracy Delaroute and Leanne Evans

Early group photo with "Awards for All" plaque

The first MANFIT session took place on Friday 1 December 2006. The exclusive sessions now take place weekly on Fridays at 10.30 am followed by a free meal.

The gym's high-tech machines are easily adaptable for anyone. Two experienced trainers supervise and advise people.

Once confident enough people will be able to take part in integrated sessions although they can stay in exclusive sessions if they prefer to.

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