Exercises to do at home


Exercises that are done at home regularly as part of your day can result in an enormous improvement in your walking ability (besides the obvious benefits to your health and appearance).

These exercises therefore become a regime that make MANFIT exercising and any other type of activity such as swimming, walking etc. much more "do-able" and therefore enjoyable!


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Steve McNeice, a double above knee amputee, is a supreme example of someone who has achieved the best from his artificial limbs by using a regular exercise regime/philosophy. He can walk quickly, steadily with a good gait without the use of sticks.

Both Steve and I believe that an exercise/life prescription should come as a package with your prosthesis after an amputation. Steve has coined this philosophy as “LAP” – Lifelong Amputee Programme or Philosophy.


Steve has given me permission to use photographs taken from a video of his exercise programme on these pages.